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Porcelain bee wall pocket

£40.00 - £48.00
  • Porcelain bee wall pocket
  • Porcelain bee wall pocket

A beautiful printed porcelain clay wall pocket decorated with a honey coloured hexagonal print, using a silk printing screen and bold brown and honey coloured bees. The pocket is finished with a hand painted 12ct gold rim around the front edge.

Transparent glazed finish inside and outside. Suitable to hold a small house plant or flower clippings. There is a small hole in the back for the pot to hang on a nail to attach it to the wall.

Small measures approx. 8 cm tall x 6.5cm wide. £40
Medium measures approx. 9cm tall x 7.5cm wide. £45
Large measures approx. 9.5cm tall x 8.5cm wide. £50


All of my products are completely unique and made and screen printed by hand. Plant not included.